SHC ICS subsystemis  implemented on a common technical base - modern IAS  M-2002 and computer station of upper level, which greatly simplifies the interaction between subsystems,  and their technical, mathematical, computer and information provision.

 Single input of analog data with its subsequent reproduction in digital form between subsystems by redundant local data-processing networks.

 Transfer of the memory protect instructions in the coded jamfree code from protection cabinets to cabinets ofactuating mechanismmanagement subsystemsby redundant local data-processing networks.

 Opportunity to test the protections and interlocks with a real impact on actuating mechanism (at preventive maintenance) or without real impact (during operation).

 Authorized input/output of protections and interlocks (using a password system);

 Control of continuity of output instructions chain;

 Selective remote control of actuators, implemented on intelligent operator consoles with the issue of information throughredundant local data-processing networks.

 Possibility of phased introduction of ICS subsystems.

 "Turnkey" supply, including cross-cabinets and cable boxes minimizes the amount and time of the construction works (there is no need in cables transposition, there is a minimum number of newly laid cables).

 Complete delivery of upgraded cabinets distribution current sliding equipment with diagnostics, digital communication and intelligent control using execution automates actuator.

 The minimum range of sub-blocks, advanced system for diagnostics of modulesand digital channels for easy maintenance of SHC.

 Own display system of displaying, recording and archiving of information on the basis of computer stations (CS) of the upper level (UL).

 During the implementation of ICS (or separate subsystems) the following is provided:

  • replacement of obsolete, out of production automation equipment;
  • bringing automation to the level , when it can  meet the demands of today's standard documentation;
  • improving the structure and nomenclature of ICS use, aimed at improving the reliability and safety of operation of ICS;
  • increase of the quality of information provision of operating and maintenance personnel.