Development and delivery of software and mathematical, technical and other  kinds of software for information and control systems (ICS), software and hardware complexes (SHC), industrial automation systems (IAS), their components and subsystems for various purposes (hereinafter - PRODUCTS) for  complex automation of industrial objects, nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric power stations;

Carrying out of pre-commissioning, commissioning of the supplied products;

Maintenance service of products, including warranty service, designer’s supervision, engineering support, (hereinafter - services);

Development of software for various purposes by the initial data
of customers

Carrying out of theoretical and applied research in the field of automation.

"SPE MonolitEnergo" offers and provides to its potential clients, customers and consumers (hereinafter - the customers) the following:

  • -exploratory design and development of technical and commercial proposals;
  • -survey of the automation object and collection of initial data;
  • -development of technical specifications;
  • -software development and its testing on mathematical models;
  • -development of technical and other types of assistance  IMS, SHC, IAS;
  • -acquisition, production of IAS in enterprises with certified quality system.