High quality of products and services of "Research and Production Enterprise  "MonolitEnergo" Ltd. is provided by a well-functioning quality management system. Our company is guided by the requirements of international standards: ISO 9000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9004:2009, ISO 10011-1, 2, 3-91 and national standards of Ukraine ДСТУ ISO 9000-2007, ДСТУ ISO 9001 - 2009, ДСТУ ISO 9004-2001, ДСТУ ISO 10011-1, 2, 3-98, as well as the requirements of other regulations specified in the contracts, and technical assignments.

That the quality of products is provided by:

  • the development of a multi-stage control system of design, processing and manufacturing of hardware and software;
  • highprofessionalism of staff;
  • quality control of products carried out by quality control department;
  • special technical product acceptance  by the representatives of  State Quality Center and State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate;
  • certification of technical devices in UkrSEPRO.